Let’s play a cliched one-sided game of 7 questions:

Q1. Inspiration for your username?
A: Combination of one of my many nicknames ‘luminous’ and ‘deluminator’ aka the ‘put-outer’ from Harry Potter

Q2: Where are you from?
A: Rocking the ABC. (Aussie born Chinese)

Q3: How old are you?
A: 22 reluctantly going on 23 (if only I was 16 going on 17)

Q4: Do you attend university and if so, what degree?
A: Currently in my second year of Dentistry. First year of Psychology.

Q5: Why dentistry?
A: Why not? Sadist at heart here, I joke I joke. But here’s something that I tell myself everyday to mask the damage that the soul-crushing hours of Uni has inevitably inflicted upon me.
Dentist= Doctor+Engineer+Artist.

Apparently I can’t hack it out in Adelaide. So I’m back in Sydney pursuing Psychology.

Q6: What are your hobbies?
A: Well you see, I enjoy long walks on the beach, yeah no. I love anything creative (art, DIYs, decor, cooking, reading/writing) and a few other things that I may or may not remember to share with you!

Q7: What are daily struggles that you deal with?
A: This is going to be a long one… #thestruggleisreal
Waking up and fighting the urge to fling my phone across the room.
Cutting off my lovely multicoloured tresses because of the ‘professionalism’ code of conduct employed by equally soul crushing professors. Even though I must say, hair is healthy again as the ends are no longer frayed from being bleached 5 times over. I literally bleached them black and blue. 😉 #dempuns
Living on my own and fending for myself. (bills! groceries! cooking! cleaning!)
Being too keen to return to my home city every break
32 hours of uni a week, give or take
ANNDDD the list can go on and on…#firstworldproblems

More like waking up before my alarm nowadays. Chopped off all my hair so I grow out my long black hair again. Still fending for myself, only difference is, not watering my plants haha.

oh yeah, being addicted to hash tags 😉

TBH: I was initially going to do 20 questions but… the process of thinking questions about myself and proceeding to answer them straight away is far too egocentric for me.
But I might extend this list if any of you have questions 🙂


My posts are now password protected.

Different posts, different passwords.
Clue #1. My face.

Clue #2. My type of crack cocaine.

Clue #3. What I used to want to name my corgi.

Clue #4. My first OTP.

Clue#5. I drink this daily.


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