And not the same

How are we the same person?

Your actions confuse me in their similarity.

But at other times,

Disorient me with stark disparity.

Indignant that you think like that,

Even more so petrified that it is reality.

A truth that I can no longer deny,

So fragile is my mentality.




Do you speak to convince not others, but yourself?

That the little nagging twist in your gut,

Indicates a lie that your conscious denies.

You keep trying to fight your head and heart,

Hoping a straight face and a steady voice,

Can stop your feeble excuses from falling apart.

To the people who care about you,

‘I’m fine’ and the door is firmly shut.


Is offence really the best defence?

When you see things that should hurt,

But instead, nothing is felt.

Apathy still continues to disconcert,

Should you feel something, anything?

In response to the situations you tactfully avert.

But little instances don’t just fade away,

The numbing ache you don’t deserve.

Do you really mean the things you say?

I guess it’s just a learning curve.


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