2 days, 2 diagnoses.


People may experience:

√ Whole body: excess sweating, excessive hunger, fatigue, heat intolerance, or restlessness

√ Mood: mood swings, nervousness, or panic attack

√ Heart: abnormal heart rhythm, fast heart rate, or sensation of an abnormal heartbeat

√ Sleep: difficulty falling asleep or insomnia

√ Menstrual: irregular menstruation or short and light menstruation

√ Behavioural: hyperactivity or irritability

Eyes: abnormal protrusion of eyes or puffy eyes

√ Also common: weight loss, diarrhoea, hair loss, muscle weakness, tremor, or warm skin

Severe Reactive Depression


  • Stressful events in life e.g. death of family member, loss of job etc.
  • Certain stressors tend to overlap
  • These events can trigger a depressed reaction with a disproportional duration
  • It can interfere with person’s ability to function in job and personal relationships

∴ It is a disproportionately depressed response to a life event.


  • Subtype of major depression
  • Characterised by feelings of: hopelessness, worthlessness, sadness
  • Additional symptoms: anxiety, weight fluctuations, eating disorders, irritability, memory problems, difficult concentrating
  • Extreme symptoms: pain, headaches, digestive problems
  • Warning signs: drug/alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts/behaviours


Welp. At least I can draw up a Venn diagram with the overlapping symptoms right?

It’s not like physical/mental health problems means double the symptoms right?



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