Sunday Sloth

Brunch. The single best word in the human dictionary.

It was also the very encouragement I needed to power through my morning crash due to an ill-conceived all nighter plan. Since it was the last day of the weekend, the day before all hell breaks loose (hell, pertaining to university of course), I threw my usual breakfast out the window, in favour of greener pastures.
(Link here:

After devouring it, my day then proceeded in a fashion that was eerily similar to my brunch colour palette.

I stopped doing work and watched Rush Hour.
Started work and decided to skype my best friend all the way in Japan.
He then needed to go grocery shopping which then reminded me that I needed to eat. So I plodded my way to the kitchen and started marinating a few chicken wings. Since the chicken needed time to soak in all the saucy goodness, I decided a run to pound out all my pent up procrastination frustrations was in order.

Red. Yellow. Green. Interesting eh?

Came back after a gruelling session at the gym and popped the chicken into the oven. In the time it took me to take a shower, do the dishes and chop up side greens, the wings were done.

BOY OH BOY WERE THEY DONE. Gosh I’m drooling right now just thinking about it. If I’m bothered, I will type up a separate recipe, but trust me, the wait is worth it. It’s delicious :3
The recipe is up:

And now, the guilt of wasting away in from this succubus of a screen is eating away at me. My diary lays open next to me, with not one thing ticked off. But do I do the work? NOOO. I decide to blog instead. Perhaps I might pull a sickie tomorrow and not rock up to uni. I’ve done the work for it anyways. (#asiannerdalert !)

But yes, I know this is rather boring and most of y’all don’t want to know about my life but…I just wanted an excuse to create a category called ‘Daily Grind’. (that’s the only coherent thing that was running through my mind all day- I think I’m getting attached to this blog! :O )
Even though it includes the word ‘daily’ in it, I can already assure you, it won’t be. This is because of 3 reasons: 1. My life is seriously this boring 90% of the time because I really cannot be bothered going outside. What is fresh air? 2. I don’t want to inflict that type of trauma upon y’all. 3. Evidently I am VERY bad at writing daily entries.

So to sum it all up, Sunday was a seriously slow day and I will only post under this category when I do something exciting!

Happy reading! (I know I have 1029381029381029831 pages of that to catch up on.. 😥 )

– Deluminous


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