Honey Glazed Chilli Chicken Wings

Quick. Easy. Delicious.

Those are the three criteria that I base my cooking around. Since I rarely follow recipes, I cook based on what I have on hand, and what I think might taste good together. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss. I’m glad to report that this time, it’s definitely a hit!

It’s slightly sticky, sweet but with a nip of spicy goodness and it definitely hits the KFC craving spot. It’s a healthier alternative and I do urge you to try it!.

Sidenote: Since I don’t follow recipes to the tee, and especially this is one of the dinners I just thought up of on the spot, I really don’t have precise measurements. I will use rough descriptors, but I say, the world is your oyster! Follow my recipe to the tee, change things about to suit your needs/palette, or simply disregard it as a whole! You do you (enter gender here)fran!

Honey Glazed Chilli Chicken Wings

 Chicken Wings (whatever amount you want to consume)
– Honey (Any amount that is needed to evenly coat the wings, any extra is really just wasted)
– Optional: Chilli Powder/ Chilli Oil (for that nip in the tongue, amount purely based on what you want)
– Optional: Stevia (If any of you have a sweet tooth!)

In a bowl large enough to hold the wings and marinade comfortably, mix ingredients until the wings are evenly coated
– Cover bowl with gladwrap and let it chill to soak up all the flavour for a minimum of 30 minutes
– Line a baking tray with aluminium foil and spray with oil of your choice to stop wings from sticking
– Line wings up with enough space between them
– Cook at 170 degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes or until the chicken starts turn golden and the sauce is bubbling
– Crank it up to 220 degrees celsius for an additional 5-15 minutes (depending on the amount of crunch you want your wing to hold)
– Turn oven off and let cool before serving

I enjoyed mine with a side of freshly cut tomato and cucumber with a side dipping sauce of hummus. You can substitute it with any greens that your heart desires. (You have to eat your daily serving of greens children!)
And I know as a dent student, sugar isn’t good for the teeth but good golly, it tastes so good, I almost don’t care. (yeah i’m a rebel) But just make sure to rinse your mouth clean afterwards and don’t consume too much excess sugar. Everything in moderation!

And as stated above, feel free to adjust the ‘recipe’ in whatever way you enjoy. I don’t like the think of it as a recipe, more like a rough guideline. The most important part though, is to just periodically check up on your chicken- you don’t want it to burn and set off your smoke detector! The chicken is good, but not that good, definitely not worth the risk!

With that, I wish all of you happy cooking! Or should I say, happy winging! 😛

– Deluminous


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