Lost at Sea

One of the reasons why I started this blog was because recently, for lack of better words, I’ve been stuck in a rut. Everyday it’s the same monotonous combination of sleep, eat, uni, gym (on a good day), study and then drift off into an imminent rude awakening.

Hopefully by having this here, it will be the push I need to start painting and sketching again as I haven’t even so much have picked up a paintbrush in almost half a year. And coming from a person who’s loved art so much that as a child she traded her Saturday morning’s to attend Chinese School just so her mother would allow her to attend art class in the afternoon, that’s saying a lot. It hurts, it really does.

So I’m going to share with y’all, one of my favourite paintings to date. I’ve never been one to name my paintings but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

[Acrylic on Canvas] ‘Lost at Sea’ (Dimensions shall be listed later) Artist: Me! 21/04/14

Side Note: Please don’t judge too harshly. I hate making excuses so I’m just going to say, I know I haven’t finished it. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a painting actually. In the case of this painting, my derrière had gone numb for sitting on it for 7 hours straight (and I’m a one day painter type of gal- short attention span) so naturally I threw down the paintbrush and proclaimed it ‘finished’.

Until next time,

– Deluminous


2 thoughts on “Lost at Sea

  1. Not an artist but I have to say the details are stunning! Keep up the good work! And you’re not alone in blogging to get out of a routine


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