My First Post

It’s currently 3:15 am on a Sunday in the midst of an all nighter delirium. It’s the sort that prompts you to do something that, ordinarily, you would not have the courage to do. So here I am, typing away, trying my hardest to sound like a pretentious prick who has never made a grammatical error. I must warn you though, I already have a horrid feeling that its a futile attempt.

Anyways, hopefully this blog is going to about my life. To be frank, even I find it frightfully boring, but perhaps with a dash of inspiration, I can spruce it up! But to be honest, who knows where it will go. Perhaps I will dedicate my time to this, or maybe this will be my first and only post.

Only time will tell I guess, and with that, I bid you adieu!

– Deluminous


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